Wright Brothers Cycle Works has been serving the Seattle cycling community since 1974.  We are a unique bike shop, not only handling the repairs of every day commuters but also cyclocross, road racing, offroad, and randonneurs.  (Sorry, we are not an authorized Huffy or Murray service center.)  We also sell common and hard-to-find bike parts and accessories.

Wright Brothers features a co-op workshop space and three levels of bike repair classes.  For details on co-op membership, call or stop by the shop during business hours.

Want to be in a class?  New classes for 2015 are scheduled right now.  Sign-up is through the Summer for classes on a first come, first served basis.


LAST CHANCE FOR REPAIR CLASSES THIS FALL. A wheel building and bearing overhaul class has been scheduled for this Autumn. Must be pre-paid to guarantee your spot. As many in the cycling community of the N.W. knows, the best promotor and advocate for cycling passed away on September 10th in Philadelphia, while on a family re-union. Jerry Baker was a friend of mine and it's hard to believe he has moved on. I first met Jerry in 1974, when he drove up to the warehouse I worked at with his VW van 'Baker's Bikes', to sell me a new pair of Eddy Mercx Adidas cycling shoes. I sat in the back of his van which was a virtual shoe store. When he and his wife Spot opened 'Baleno', a cycling apparel and shoe wholesale business in Fremont, I was of course, one of the customers. I'll never forget Spot being pregnant with Andy, and when walking into the office at Baleno, there was a baby sleeping on top of a filing cabinet in a baby carrier!! I said, 'Spot, you should be at home resting', to which she replied 'the business doesn't run itself'. She was as loyal a 'partner' as one could have. Jerry was always dropping in at the shop and we had a small tradition if it was a Friday, to pour a glass of good red wine, sit and catch up on what's happening in cycling. We did this for years. I have a picture of Jerry, myself, and some other handsome Italian fellow named Richard (Former CEO of Campagnolo USA) which I call the "Three Campy Amigos". Though there is a feeling of sadness with Jerry being gone, I've reflected on memories of past birthday parties, kid's growing up, Andy's wedding, and much more. They are good memories of a man who gave the most to cycling in the N.W. because he loved cycling and was never shy in speaking his mind when the time came. He was a father, a husband, a teacher in the full sense of the word. And I think it can be said he was the 'Godfather' of N.W. cycling. Of course we will miss him, but we have memories and lessons he taught that will enrich our lives until the end. To Spot, Andy, and Julia, you have my heartfelt sympathy. A celebration of life memorial will be on Saturday, October 17th at Magnuson Park in Hanger 30 at 1:00 p.m.

Plenty of CAMPAGNOLO REPLACEMENT PARTS, USED AND NEW OLD STOCK components. Our treasure can be your treasure. Tell a friend and pass it on.

KUOW's 'Weekday' radio show on June 22, 2006 featured bicycles, bicycle commuting, and the Solstice Parade with our own Charles Hadrann. Listen to a stream of the show at KUOW, or download the RM (13mb) or MP3 (30mb).


Closed Mondays and Holidays.
10:30am – 7:00pm  Tuesday – Thursday.
10:30am – 5:00pm  Friday – Sunday.

206 633 5132