Wright Brothers Cycle Works has been serving the Seattle cycling community since 1974.  We are a unique bike shop, not only handling the repairs of every day commuters but also cyclocross, road racing, offroad, and randonneurs.  (Sorry, we are not an authorized Huffy or Murray service center.)  We also sell common and hard-to-find bike parts and accessories.

Wright Brothers features a co-op workshop space and three levels of bike repair classes.  For details on co-op membership, call or stop by the shop during business hours.

Want to be in a class?  New classes for 2016 are scheduled right now.  A Fall Basic Class is scheduled and ready to be pre-paid. Classes are on a first come, first served basis.


UPON ADVICE OF ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS, who is a retired financial analyst, we recommend to VOTE NO ON SOUND TRANSIT 3, also known as Proposition No. 1. To put this in perspective, the last budget year of the Eisenhower Administration, the budget for the Federal Government was approximately $100 billion dollars and in budget. More recently, the billionaire Warren Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway bought Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad for $34 billion dollars. This includes all the rail from Seattle to Texas, up to Chicago and back to the North East. Approximately 3/4 of the United States rail with all the train yards, rail right-of-way, train engines, box cars, tank cars, supply depots, and maintenance yards. Guessing at the length of track purchase is 25,000 miles. With Transit 3 we are paying $54 billion to go from Tacoma to Everett. What voters are not being shown is a "Detailed Schedule of Bond Issues with Terms." As written, we will pay permanent taxes forever. If you think Seattle and the surrounding areas are expensive now, who do you think is going to pay for the $54 billion tax increase with long term interest?

FALL CLASS RESCHEDULED, due to rain. Class will be still on Wednesdays starting November 2nd and will continue on November 9th, 16th, and 30th. One night is skipped for Thanksgiving.

KUOW's 'Weekday' radio show on June 22, 2006 featured bicycles, bicycle commuting, and the Solstice Parade with our own Charles Hadrann. Listen to a stream of the show at KUOW, or download the RM (13mb) or MP3 (30mb).


Closed Sundays, Mondays and Holidays.
10:30am – 7:00pm  Tuesday – Thursday.
10:30am – 5:00pm  Friday – Saturday.

206 633 5132